Selma, Just Mercy, and 13th Free to Watch

I was researching the documentary, 13th by director Ava DuVernay and I stumbled upon the fact that some great films regarding black history and civil rights are now free to watch for the month of June.

Earlier today DuVernay shared the news that Selma would available to stream for free.
The catch, however, as is mentioned in the tweet above, is that it is only available in the US.

Just Mercy, the Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Foxx led legal drama is also available to stream, again only in the US.

Thankfully, DuVernay's own documentary 13th, has been available since April 17, in full on YouTube. You should be able to watch it internationally but I only checked in Canada.

For those in the US who haven't seen these great films or just want to re-watch them, check any digital streaming service you might have to watch them for free.

For my international friends still looking to educate yourself you can use a VPN to finagle your way around this.

For those who already use a VPN, you know what you're doing so I won't waste your time. 

For everyone else, check out this article (there are a lot I just picked one at random) on how to use a VPN to watch Netflix from other countries and other videos blocked in your region.

After that, you can come back here and weep because you are confused or don't want to pay for a VPN.

On the off-chance you have figured it out you can check out some of the links below:

Just Mercy

Gives you all the links to streaming services plus a beautiful message about learning about the past to make change for the future.


You can find it pretty much everywhere you can find Just Mercy but below are the Google Play and Amazon Prime links just because.

It does pain me to add those Amazon Prime links because Jeff Bezos is a jackass but alas it largely integrated in our media consumption.

In any case, at least check out the documentary 13th if only to open your eyes and ears to learn more.



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