Update: World Cinema and Visual Culture

Summer is over and a new term has arrived. I am taking a World Cinema class this term and I feel like sharing the films that we watch with those on the internet. Some are mainstream films whereas others are documentaries and most are in languages other than English. My experience with film and television up to this point has largely been based around what Hollywood and the North American industry has flooded the market with. I was excited to take this course because it shows different cultures and the different ways they use film to entertain, tell a story, or get a point across. 

The first screening is this coming Thursday but I'll probably watch the film slated to screen before that, just because I can.

I'm excited about this term, I'll probably have more time to keep working down that AFI list that I kind of stalled on during the summer and write about more films as I watch them. I've definitely watched many films since my last post but have been either too tired, too busy, or just plain too lazy to write anything about them. 

Well that's all for now, break in class is just about over. 


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