For those without power this will not apply since you won't be able to read it and thus won't be able to follow my wonderful advice. 

For those that have a lot of midterms and finals coming up you can spare a little time for a movie break. It's good to unwind if you've been studying constantly. 

Is Hurricane Sandy getting you down? Getting blown around like a plastic bag and getting wetter than if you went swimming? Have no fear because staying inside, skipping your classes, and sitting on your backside and watching a load of movies is the answer!

I will section this off into a few parts:
  1. Those of you studying for midterms or are otherwise rather busy throughout the day:
  2. Those of you without any sort of impending doom brought on by tests and midterms, just stay inside:
    • I challenge you to a marathon! Any length of marathon you like, whether it be for a television show or for movies.
    • Here are my suggestions for marathons in order of increasing ridiculousness:
      • Mini Marathon ~ (2 hours)
        • [5-6 episodes of your favourite half-hour sitcom]
      • Half Marathon ~ (4 hours)
        • [10-12 episodes (half-hour), or 5-6 (hour-long)]
      • Any trilogy Marathon ~ (varies)
      • Full Marathon ~ (8-9 hours)
        • [Full Season (half hour), 10-12 (hour-long)]
      • The Lord of the Rings (Extended Edition) Marathon ~ (11.5 hours)
      • Steve's Lazy Sunday Afternoon Special ~ (16-17 hours)
        • (Full Season or 24 episodes (whichever is longer) of an hour long drama)
      • Harry Potter Marathon ~ (19-20 hours)
        • At this point it's not even about if you like the films or not, just whether or not you can do it in a 24 hour span.
      • All of these marathons must be given the respect they deserve and cannot be fast-forwarded save for the repeats of beginning and end credits for television episodes.
      • If you decide to attempt any of the last three, good luck!
  3. Those of you without I guess. 
- For those that are truly being hit hard by this hurricane, I hope you get through it safe and sound.


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