People Like Us (2012)

Sam Harper is struggling with the debt in his life until his estranged father passes away. He leaves Sam $150,000 that he must give to the son of the half-sister he never knew he had. Sam has to work through his inner issues and find a way to tell his sister exactly who he is. 

People Like Us gives us their fair share of very sincere touching moments mixed with a few that fall flat trying to pull at your heartstrings. They try a little too hard with the dramatic lighting or the cheesy climactic songs and crescendos. Sometimes we see a strange romantic vibe in some of the scenes. Whenever the lead actor and actress are thrust into situations like hanging at a laundromat, going out to lunch, and going for a drive around the countryside, things get a little ambiguous. I think the set up just gravitates naturally to what we normally see in romantic movies. Basically what I'm saying is that you could take this nearly two hour movie about a brother and a sister, cut out about 30 minutes, and someone could mistake it for a romantic film....which is weird.

Michelle Pfeiffer and Olivia Wilde do respectably but nothing too notable. I definitely watched this movie for the story and the chemistry between Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks. It really seems like they would be friends in real life, although there were a few missteps that seemed a little off throughout the movie. I'd pinpoint them for you but that would spoil things and I just don't want to.

Michael Hall D'Addario is a cool little kid and some people will say he can't succeed in the business because he looks a little funny but hey look at Steve Buscemi. However, I do have one tip, cut your hair man. I know you're a tween or something and long hair is apparently cool (again?) but when you and your friends look like girls from behind you should just cut it, even just a trim. Besides short hair is easy to maintain, it's awesome. Enough on that tangent.

Ultimately, a decent enough movie, nothing super special but a nice story that makes you feel good watching. Something you can watch with your family, or just to pass the time. 

The movie is available here, and it's totally legal.....

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- Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are young writers/producers (and now directors with Kurtzman's debut with this film) who have broken onto the scene working on movies such as Star Trek, Transformers, Mission: Impossible III
- Mark Duplass and Jon Favreau are in bit parts but don't add much
- Inspired by true events is flashed over the opening credits. Basically Kurtzman met his half-sister when he was 30 and Orci's father-in-law is a prominent songwriter in the business and all of the memorabilia in Jerry's 


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