The Vow (2012)

Sometimes there are movies you see in theaters that just don't quite do it for you and you wish you hadn't paid for it. The Vow (2012) is one of those movies. The story is cute enough and the fact that it is a true story does lend itself to be a little more heartwarming, but it just lacked what great rom-coms of the past have had. To be honest though I did enjoy the movie for the most part and the acting wasn't the worst I've seen. I like Rachel McAdams (who plays Paige) and I'm beginning to have more respect for Channing Tatum (who plays Leo), but they can't really make up for other short-comings in the movie. 

I found the dialogue tugged at your heartstrings one moment but was rather shoddy and barely passable the next. It was pretty weak but it is a romantic comedy so you can't expect too much.

Another thing that struck me was the ridiculous fashion choices made by....well whoever it was I hope they didn't pay them too much. For most of the movie Channing Tatum either looked ridiculous in a sweeping variety of clothing or was simply topless, which I guess was a strategic move. As for Rachel McAdams, halfway through the movie she gets a rather regrettable hair colour change. The highlights in her hair just made her look like she had a head full of grey. Scott Speedman who played Jeremy, Paige's ex-fiance, also happens to have a weird hairstyle issue. I'm no fashion expert so I don't know what is cool and hip these days but I think they were trying to a little too much to fit the roles and went a little overboard. 

Jessica Lange and Sam Neill were cast as Paige's parents and I highly respect both actors but this was not their finest hour.

As bad as what I described above may seem I don't want it to seem like I'm ripping too hard on the movie because as I said I did enjoy it. I had some great cute scenes, mixed with some pretty funny scenes which did distract from some of the movie's flaws. Some people may not agree but I did like the chemistry between Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams.

What it comes down to is that I enjoyed it but did find a lot of things wrong with it but you can't really have too high of expectations for it. Don't pay for it, unless it's a date movie and even then it's a stretch. It is a movie you can watch with other people sitting on your couch at home, because it doesn't really matter if they talk through some parts, it's just not that important. Just wait until it comes out and you can just stream it then. I would deem it worthy of bandwidth usage.

Note: The ending was kind of weird but it's based on a true story so you can't really fault them too much for it.


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