Christmas Movie Countdown: #24

#24: Santa Claus is Comin' to Town (TV 1970)

Another TV special! By no means do these specials mean less to me as do some other feature length movies (we'll see by the top 10 or so that that statement is pretty much a lie) but I thought about them at about the same time so naturally they'll come back to back.

This is the origin story of everyone's favourite jolly old fat guy, Kris Kringle. Not much else to it, there are obstacles to overcome and honest-to-goodness Christmas spirit wins out in the end.

This Romeo Muller written special has a little more star power than the previous year's Frosty.

Kris Kringle is voiced by Mickey Rooney, the Winter Warlock is voiced by Keenan Wynn, the hilariously named Burgermeister Meisterburger is voiced by Paul Frees, and this fantastic story is narrated (and in some parts sung) by none other than Fred Astaire.

Now some of these names you may not recognize but you may have seen some of their characters.
At 48 minutes it takes a little longer to get going compared to it's 25 minute Frosty counterpart but it's still short and sweet and the fact that it's claymation is awesome.


This is something completely unrelated but something I just sort of stumbled upon when looking stuff up. Well IMDb seems to have a certain numeric code for each entry into the site and I'm not really sure how it works but it might go by whatever entry they decide to enter in first.

That being said Fred Astaire happens to be coded with the URL: [] 

I don't know if it's significant, or if Fred Astaire was the very first actor entered into IMDb or not, but it certainly looks cool.

(Okay so I went back and tried to check it out and it seems it's alphabetical but only by certain batches of actors, so from what I can tell Fred was probably part of the first batch of actors entered into the site, so not as cool but kind of fun to think about).


Anyway, stay tuned for the next 23 movies of the holiday season!


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