Top 10 Grossing Movies of All Time

This is a list of the Top 10 Grossing films of all time according to a variety of sources. Due to inflation, the Top 10 movies here are some great ones but also some mediocre ones and are mostly from the last 10 years or so. As I'm writing a little blurb for each movie I find myself getting rather harsh and cynical as compared to my rather lenient self. Of course this list isn't of the Top 10 Greatest films of all time but when have people  as a whole ever been smart enough to spend their hard earned money on a film that was actually good.

This was just something to do instead as a little break from my other list. A friend suggested I write something up on this and so here it is. Soon I'll do the list of Top 10 Grossing films of all time adjusting for inflation because that one has more movies actually worth seeing but for now you'll have to live with this one.

Really this is list saddens me a little to think that we spend so much money to see some movies that are pretty subpar. Don't get me wrong there are some great ones on this list but Titanic (1997) is the oldest movie on it so that tells you something right there.

#10 - Alice in Wonderland (2010)

Decent enough, not as good as the Disney original but still pretty entertaining. Tim Burton doesn't disappoint but it seems his efforts aren't quite what they used to be. 

#9 -  Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999)

Quite honestly I'm not sure if I've seen this movie the whole way through in one sitting. I'm pretty sure I've seen it all but in parts at different points in time. I am biased against any Star Wars movies other than the original three and I could rant for a while on this movie but I won't.

Sadly, the first of two Pirates of the Caribbean movies on this list. It's the only series to have more than one film in the top 10 and that makes me cry a little inside. I enjoy the movies tremendously but seriously two Pirates movies in the Top 10? 

The closest movie so far to deserve a spot on this list. I am a child at heart and always will be so I'm glad this movie made the list. It doesn't really deserve a Top 10 slot but it's better than the previous three. 

The first one had some good laughs with Johnny Depp and friends but after that things got old pretty fast. I'll still watch them but I can think of a lot better movies in the past year, let alone the last 10 years.

A grand epic finale to the LOTR trilogy. It doesn't quite live up to the book but it's probably the closest we could hope for. Peter Jackson, I tip my hat to you good sir.


Not surprised in the slightest. With all the Potter fans around the world I'm actually kind of surprised it didn't make more money. It was pretty good but not as good as the books, but I'm sure you're tired of hearing that.

A lot of people aren't too fond of this movie but I quite enjoy it. It really brought back the epic genre of movie back to the industry as it hadn't been mainstream for some time. It also helped launch Kate Winslet's career.

James Cameron is a such money whore. Possibly the most over-hyped movie I've ever seen. Yes the graphics were amazing and practically flawless but the acting was awful and the plot was nothing new. Other than visuals it didn't bring anything special to the film world. I have only seen it once. I tried to watch it again, not on the big screen, it didn't really work. I got about 10 minutes in and proceeded to watch something interesting.

- Johnny Depp is in three of these.
- I got a lot of these poster images from Probably will go there from now on cause they have some pretty nice resolution images and a nice variety of posters for each film.
- This list is via
- Probably should have waited until The Avengers (2012) came out because right now it sits right behind Titanic and is the third highest grossing film of all-time.


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