Christmas Movie Countdown: #2

I was hoping to get this list done a little sooner but definitely going to make it before Christmas Day at least.

Now this might actually be a movie that people have not seen. It is a little bit more obscure since it wasn't a theatrical release for the Muppets. Although The Muppet Christmas Carol is a fantastic movie, this one holds a place a little closer to my heart. Not for any real particular reason, it just does. I maintain that this is the last great Muppet special or movie before the death of beloved creator Jim Henson in 1990.

So Christmas time has come and Fozzie's mother is at her country farmhouse getting ready to go on vacation to Malibu to soak up some sun. She has rented her house to Doc (Gerard Parkes) and his dog Sprocket (both from Fraggle Rock) who want to get away from it all and enjoy a nice quiet Christmas. All of a sudden they are surprised by Fozzie and he's brought the whole Muppet gang with him. Fozzie's mother, Doc, and Sprocket all have to compromise and accommodate the Muppets for the holidays. Miss Piggy, who did not come along with the rest of the gang due to some last minute shopping, runs into some trouble on her way to the farm as a blizzard hits. In the midst of the chaos, more friends arrive from the Sesame Street gang. Meanwhile, Kermit and Robin discover some unexpected guests below the farmhouse. Thankfully we see Piggy arrive safe and all enjoy a nice Muppet Family Christmas.

Although all Muppet movies are great this has to be my favourite. It has Muppets from a variety of different groups coming together for the holidays. The Muppets everyone knows and loves are joined by all your favourites from Sesame Street and all those from Fraggle Rock. I think it's probably the largest assembly of Muppets ever, although I'm just saying that and actually have no idea.

Once again, YouTube helps us out this holiday season and you can watch it all via the following links.

Have a great Christmas Eve and #1 is coming up soon!


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