Christmas Movie Countdown: #5

Breaking into the Top 5, let's start off with an oldie that everyone has to have seen. 

Rudolph is born with an embarrassing glowing red nose. His father, Donner tries to cover up Rudolph's nose but soon others discover his secret. The other reindeer make fun of him and don't let him join in any reindeer games. Rudolph decides to run away, becoming a misfit, despite encouragement from a young doe named Clarice. He meets up with Hermey, an elf who has run away from the North Pole because he wants to be a dentist rather than make toys.

The two misfits find themselves up one companion when they meet crazed prospector Yukon Cornelius, searching for silver and gold. The three friends make their way to the Island of Misfit toys. Unfortunately they are not permitted to stay and Rudolph once again runs away in the night, fearing that his nose is a danger to his friends. He grows up to become a strong and handsome stag and has to save his parents and Clarice from the terrible Abominable Snow Monster of the North (aka Bumble) as well as saving Christmas from being cancelled.

Everything works out in the end obviously, I didn't really include any of the cliffhangers in the summary, I'll leave that for each person's rediscovery. I don't want to ruin it for anyone.

I'm not certain but this may have been the very first Christmas special/movie I ever watched. Rewatching it I notice that the animation is pretty poor but that just adds to the classic quality the 60s brought to Christmas TV specials. This special is narrated by Sam the Snowman, who is both voiced and styled to look like legendary folk singer Burl Ives.

I mentioned writer Romeo Muller in a couple of the earlier posts on the list but didn't really take too hard of a look at his writing credentials. One could probably argue he is the greatest writer for holiday specials ever. Just take a look at the link, he wrote more around the holidays than he did for any other time of the year combined.

Bottom line is that it's wonderful classic story that everyone knows with a few little twists and musical numbers thrown in. It's timeless for certain and I'll be watching it until I'm old and grey.


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