100 Movie Days: Day 5 - Robin Williams

I wasn't quite sure what I would do for my post today and I was back and forth on this a bit but here we go. As you surely have heard we have lost a great light in this world. Although you don't want to admit it, you're starting to get a bit sick of the barrage of news and social media coverage on the matter. Still, I'd like to briefly share my favourite Robin Williams movies.

As Peter in Hook he taught us to never forget the child in all of us no matter our age. He taught us that to live would be an awfully big adventure. Bangarang Robin!

Genie in Aladdin always did what he could to truly help those who deserved it and made us want to strive to find a friend like him. The Academy sent an amazing tweet to pay tribute to one of his most beloved roles.

As wacky as he was, to don drag in Mrs. Doubtfire was bold. He played someone who was whimsical and rash, but always held true love for his children. The old gal herself told us that if there is love, those are the ties that bind.

In Good Will Hunting he moved us as he helped a troubled kid figure out not which career to choose but what kind of man he wanted to be. He taught us that sometimes it's not our fault. He won a well deserved Oscar for this performance and I hope he's found his father after all these years.

What Dreams May Come was one of his heavier films. He made us believe that soul mates could exist and showed his unwavering love and courage in choosing to spend eternity in hell with his one true love rather than an eternity in heaven without her. (The trailer I linked to doesn't do it justice, it's pretty intense but it's a good watch)

In Jumanji he showed true courage in facing his fears and finishing what he started no matter how frightening it may be.

In my favourite, Dead Poets Society, he inspired us with his zeal to free young minds from the oppressive confines of conformity, to find our own voice, and to seize the day. He quoted Walt Whitman in a great speech, asking his boys what will your verse be in the powerful play of life?

These may all just be characters on screen but Robin Williams put some of himself into all of these roles and many more. With all of the cinematic moments he has given through the years, he may be gone but never forgotten.

He spent his life entertaining and bringing joy through his art. He was not a perfect man, far from it. He struggled with many issues that were nearly invisible when he was on screen so we chose to close our eyes and ignore it. My heart goes out to his family who will miss him most of all and this lovely message from his daughter Zelda encapsulates that sentiment.

Robin, you taught us many things and although many will mourn, we should celebrate your life because you would want us to be happy.

Because Dead Poet's Society is my favourite Robin Williams movie and a truly inspiring work, I will end by simply saying,

O Captain! My Captain!


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